September 14th, 10PM

This is the night, six months ago that Oma took her last breath on this planet. I know its an artificial construct, this notion of linier time, subdivided into months, days and hours but its a good tool to recall the details of important events in our lives. Six months. It seems like such a long time ago and still, as the rains return to our part of the continent and summer fades into fall the memories spring eternal on the large screen of my mind. 

November is the time I have selected to start writing in earnest. But like a horse that is starting to smell the barn my energy quickens as the date approaches. It has been a conscious preparation. After mother's celebration on April 24th and the trip to spread her ashes on Mt Shasta on June 21st I have purposefully shifted my focus away from the memories that surround me here at the Shambhala. Most everything in the house is as it was on the 15th, especially Oma's bedroom and bathroom where we were cocooned for the last three months of her life. My notes and tapes are safely tucked away and out of reach.

My plan was to remove myself from the immersion for a time while maintaining the props on the stage so I could return to re-enact the play. I also needed to gain perspective by engaging in some of my favorite life activities. Sailing and gardening had the desired effect of rejuvenation and reflection on the meaning of life. Nevertheless, I was still drawn to this site to review the postings that were written last year, following them along as each met its anniversary date.

Tonight I will sit at Oma's Alter, light a candle and listen to her doing her decrees. (I have these on CD in her own voice so its just like her being there. It was magical when I played them on Mt Shasta!)

I will send her light and remind her of that golden thread of love that connects us to our cosmic family.

The Love that I AM
greets the Love in you
and all light love and perfection
come instantly through
and bless you forever.


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