October 20th, 2006

Jürgen was surprised by the lingering aroma as he studied the bed where our mother had spent her last days. The body wasn't there anymore but the energy still filled the room. In fact Oma's body was propped up in a chair, slouched, her head fallen forward with her chin snug against her chest. It was still as winter snow. I sat with her, holding her hands in mine.

Suddenly without warning but not unexpectedly, Oma raised her head and smiled at me. Her breathing had returned with a calmness of awakening from an afternoon nap. It had been two days since she had left us. I helped her up and she just started to make herself comfortable on a bench at the table when everything turned black.

Oma's room is very dark at night. There are no lights outside save for distant winking of the stars. The only source of light within the room is a faint glow from the smoke detector over the door. As I open my eyes the images of my dream are vivid, re-assuring.

Was it a message from her or was it my own mind responding to my request, just before falling asleep, to meet her in the temples last night? Ghosting across Haro Strait yesterday with a faint northerly wind rippling the sea into a glistening display of light, I invited mother to dream the sunshine and tranquility through me. When I arrived at the cottage the door on the marble top hutch was open again.

Did mother re-confirm our spiritual connection? Was it her energy that symbolically opened the door? Was it her spirit that invited me to a dream where she was re-born into a new consciousness? It sure gives me joy to think so.


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