The other day I received a couple of e-mails  that filled me with gladness.

The first was from a gentleman in Texas who was wondering if anyone there practiced the Oma Method of Reflexology. When I replied to tell him that to my knowledge none of Oma's students practiced in Texas he responded by thanking us for keeping Oma's website going and hoped that maybe some day they could sponsor a study group in Oma's method.

Then I received a second e-mail from a dear person in Australia. It seems she is a fan of Andre Rieu and found some comments that Oma made in her notes from Oma's desk about Andre. She asked if it was ok to post them on her blog and I encouraged her to do so. It seems Oma's light is still shining.

For those of you who have reserved your signed copy of Oma's Life Story rest assured that we are making good progress. This winter's writings produced 250 pages of transcripts and I am very excited about the plot outline that the walking angel suggested to me. It is all fitting together quite wonderfully and although the writing season is now over for the year and my focus will shift to the out of doors, no doubt I will still feel inspired now and then to write a short story as I recall events from mother's life. 

Oma always loved to talk with her body elemental. Maybe by distinguishing between herself and her body it gave Oma a clear sense that there was more to existence than flesh and blood. Although mother worked closely with her spiritual guides, focusing on her body elemental also gave her an earthly ally, a private confidante as she faced various health challenges. Often when giving treatments Oma would ask her body elemental to communicate with her patient's body elemental, encouraging it to help the healing process along.

For so many years her body elemental served Oma well and the two of them developed a real close friendship. So when mother decided to stop fighting and prepare to leave this earth it was hard for her to end that relationship. In my journals I recorded the time that mother voiced her concern: "I don't want my body elemental to think that I am not grateful for all the help she has given me over the years." And yet Oma did not require her services in this life stream anymore.

As I start the slow process of sorting and disbursing some of mother's personal effects it amazes me how complete her collection is. Reflecting on that I can't help but wonder if I don't place too much emphasis on the physical stuff I accumulate in this life. What am I? Am I my stuff or am I my spirit and my body merged temporarily in this dance of life? If I am not my stuff then why do I spend so much time accumulating it, caring for it, sorting it and cleaning it? Why do I spend relatively little time taking care of my body and my spirit? Admittedly its a balance that has improved in the last few years but Oma has shown me that I still have a long way to go. 

Thank you Mütterlein for that reminder. Today is April 24th. It was the day of your birth and the day of your life's celebration last year. Now we are all off continuing with our daily adventures. Jürgen and I shared the other day that we both have the sense that you have now moved on as well. Nevertheless I will take a moment on your special day to thank you for the lessons I have learned from you. Thank you for sharing your life with me.  


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