Fall is here and after a summer spent with My Love working on her house http://www.fortheloveoflife.net/K&F/ I am back at Oma's cottage, immersed in my writing project. Being away from this wonderful task all summer, focusing on My Love and her world provided me with a certain balance and perspective that makes my time now even more special. Oma would have been the first to remind us that life is for the living and once we leave this earth there is plenty of time to enjoy and experience the hereafter. Still by the time we put our construction project on hold for the winter, my typing fingers were itching to pour out some more of the experiences I had with my Mütterlein and to record the stories of her life. Having just turned 50 the subject of mortality seems to come ever more into focus and the exploration of a life as rich as Oma's is a true blessing.

I now find myself devoted to writing one day out of two. I AM intense and can not start and stop my creativity. So I find it much more productive to focus entire days on writing. I get up in the morning and after doing my morning invocations and Thai Chi on the deck I get right at it. Its hard on my body to sit all day so I intersperse a stretch on the exercise ball or a bounce on the rebounder here and there to keep me limber. Then on the off day I climb Mt Young, take care of chores around the house and work in the gardens to ground myself. Through it all I browse through Oma's library, watch videos and review archives. Mainly I just follow my intuition, let the angels guide me to the next step.

The outline that the angels gave me last winter is serving me well and allowing me to fold many anecdotes and stories into the matrix of the book. Now they are telling me to seek your input. There is no possible way I can include every experience or interaction Oma had with the people in her life, nor can I even do justice by mentioning each and every one of you. Although I spent a fair bit of time with Oma, for much of it I simply wasn't present. So if you have a short story or recollection of your time with Oma and you would like to share it with me I will do my best to include it.

If you would like to participate in this way please e-mail me a few paragraphs of your most precious memories to oma@omareflex.com and don't forget to include a statement that you will allow me to publish your words and that you relinquish all copyright to same. I look forward to hearing from you.

In Love and Light


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