I came across some envelopes Oma had prepared years ago. All had addresses affixed. Some had little stars and angel stickers all over them. Some were empty and some had been stuffed and sealed. It made me wonder if Oma would want me to mail them for her now. I thought about that for a good long while. Whatever purpose was intended with these envelopes when Oma so lovingly prepared them, is no more. From her vantage point on the other side of the veil she is able to touch the hearts of the addressee directly and whatever message was on that piece of paper may well seem redundant when viewed through the cosmic reality of the spirit. 

Sill I sent some of the envelopes off. Not because I wanted to complete a task undone but because I wanted to show the person who will receive them that Oma cared enough to prepare and save these envelopes even if they never did get mailed when they were intended to. It was an act between the living and not on behalf of the departed.

So here I am having completed two months of writings, returning to the world of "(wo)men and machines". It is time to start back on the building project and start framing Laura's house. It has been a very productive winter, much sorting, some writing and lots and lots of editing. I am comfortable that progress is being made and the story I need to tell is taking form. The book may be about half written. Some 400 pages have found themselves included. Much needs to added, much deleted and much re-written. Of course there was much reflection, reminiscing and praying interspersed with lots of smiles and tears. It was a blessed time indeed to manifest my love in this Shambhala.

On a beam of light


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