Life's demands on us are many but now and again we are called to pay attention to the meaning of it all, to reflect on Gauguin's questions:

"Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?"

Often it is the failing health of a loved one, the tragedy of an accident or an untimely death of a friend that brings these questions to the fore. For me personally it is the anniversary of Oma's ascension day that reminds me to stop and take note. By focusing on my memories of Oma's life I can bring these questions into focus and reflect about their possible answers.

It is a most precious activity that reconnects me with my spirit and mission to write. I celebrated this year by sitting at Oma's alter and lighting candles as I listened to her recorded voice doing decrees. I read a prayer or two in her tattered decree book and then my gaze rose to the bold letters she pinned above the statue of Mother Mary "Let there be Peace on Earth".

May your memories of those that have passed be loving and vivid and may you cherish the time you have left with those that remain in your lives.