Life is. And maybe that's all it needs to be. Because everything is naturally in a state of decay, it is life - that is to say the art of producing something that was not there before - that rebuilds all that deteriorates. Marking Oma's passing two days ago I was struck by the fact that it has been seven years since she said goodbye to her body. Where has the time gone. It feels like yesterday and yet so much has changed, so much has grown, so much has evolved, even in the depth of my own mind.

I spent seven weeks this winter working on the book about Oma's life story. It took me to some of the deepest and darkest places in her earthly experience and has taken me to the early seventies when Oma embarked on her spiritual quest in earnest. It is a profound reflection on what it means to be alive and how regrets are intrinsically a part of life. It is a story that I myself enjoy reading and I can only hope that others will find it inspirational also.

Now I am coming out the other side of a deep reflection. A place where nothing seemed to make sense and my countless blessings notwithstanding, a sense of regret and remorse darkened my skies. The sun is bright today and the sky is blue. A westerly wind has blown the clouds apart and I am about to set sail to rejoin My Love. There is so much to learn and so much to share. Together. It's better together.

March 17, 2013