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At Oma's request and with the encouragement of many of you, I have commenced writing a book of Oma's life experiences. More than 300 pages have been written and await the keen eye of a scrupulous editor. Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

"Loose and fluffy little tuft balls moving gently against the dusty blue background of atmospheric space. The upper ones almost stationary, the lower ones swiftly gliding across my field of vision. The tops of the trees frame this image as I lay on my back, becoming absorbed in the motions of the fall sky. This is my birthday, the first on this planet without my mother here to give flowers to. It was a tradition, since it was her birthday too, giving her flowers to celebrate the day we met.

I lie here and wonder if I did everything I wanted to do for and with mother before she passed. She was more than a mother to me, more than a friend. She was a soul mate, a close member of my cosmic family in a way that almost blinded me to her earthly presence at times..."

The story weaves through a hundred years of history from the birth of her father to her departure from this earth in 2006. It covers many aspects of every day life and no doubt readers will see themselves and their own personal struggles in some of the stories. You can also get a sense of the book's scope by reading this post on Compassion.

It has been suggested that I accept donations in exchange for a signed copy of the first book when it is released. This page makes it possible for you to participate. Just click on the angel to play a small part in bringing Oma's story to life.

The process of writing is very rewarding for me personally. But it is a much larger undertaking than I had first anticipated and the responsibilities of life have a way of overtaking us. Still, sifting through the volumes of information I find myself immersed in Oma's world. It is a time of reflection and exploration. I thought that some of these moments may be worth sharing while the book is in progress.

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