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Dr. Elizabeth Caspari

1899 to 2002


Love is the key

With deepest gratitude
for your love and service
to beloved Mother Caspari.
Anita Wolberd, James Shaffer,
Marjorie Lombard



Each of us needs someone to inspire us when the going gets tough. On a recent radio program I heard a reference to old age that amused me in its truth. "Old age is not for sissies". How true it is. Mother Caspari, as we have come to know her, has been such an inspiration to me. She has been a good friend and part of my extended family for over 25 years.

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Recently she passed away into a new adventure. Part of her legacy is how she taught me to be aware of the power of the spoken word. 

Dr. Caspari taught me to be very aware and careful how I use the spoken word, because what ever we say will materialize and manifest itself in our world. She also taught me what it means to use God's Name in vain. God's name is "I AM", when Moses asked the voice in the burning bush, who gave him the ten commandments: "Who do I tell the people has sent me?" the voice said: "I AM has send you and that is my name for ever more." So when we say "I AM tired, I AM angry, I AM sick" we are using the name of God in vain. But how do we say it correctly? We can say: I feel tired, or I feel this or that way instead of saying I AM. For a long time I was kind of uncomfortable to hear people always say "O my God" because people say that all the time. Now it is not nice to hear it but it does not mean that they use the Name of God in vain, God is called by many names here on Earth, but HIS Name is I AM.

I have passed on this little piece of wisdom to many of my patients and friends

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