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Oma's reflections on: Life energy
Oma's reflections on: Including the patients in the treatment
Oma's reflections on: The difference between massage and reflexology
Oma's reflections on: Reactions
Oma's reflections on: General beginners' instructions
Oma's reflections on: Electrons
Oma's reflections on: The use of the science of energy flow
Oma's reflections on: Colon Health
Oma's reflections on: Thymus Gland
Oma's reflections on: Caring for the feet
Oma's reflections on: Learning
Oma's reflections on: Fever
Oma's reflections on: Glands
Oma's reflections on: Frame of Mind
Oma's reflections on: Lymphatic System
Oma's reflections on: Essential Oils
Oma's reflections on: Urine
Oma's reflections on: Student conduct / Internship


Oma's reflections on: Life energy

It has been said, that all healing truly is self healing. Healing can not be imposed from without, it has to come from within. Doctors, practitioners, therapist can all give their help, but unless a person has a sincere desire to become well on all levels, they will not do so.

Healing is two fold. The one great healer is love, the other is the life energy. ( Governed by Love )

In reality there is NO difference, both are manifestations of God. The life process, the great healer on the physical plane is God expressing through matter. Creating and recreating, holding in equilibrium systems upon systems of Universes.

Life is movement. Always stretching out towards wholeness, greater beauty and perfection. Life is always renewing itself. We cut a finger, we break a bone and life heals the damage. The doctor and the surgeon are his humble skilled assistants.

The Chinese of perhaps 5000 years ago discovered the presence of life sustaining energy circulating throughout the body. This circulation is linked to the function of the internal organs, each of which, like every other part of the body has a reflex area in the feet.

As we apply pressure to the nerve endings in the feet, a reflex action takes place in the corresponding area in the body. Compression massage gets rid of waste products that filter down into the feet.

Oma's reflections on: Include the patients in the treatment

Only when we close our eyes can we totally relax. When we take our attention inward and do not take notice of the physical happenings, can we still our thoughts. Do not think about the things you have done or have to do. Do not let your eyes wander around the room.

Use this time to visit with your higher inner real Self. And learn again how beautiful you really are. Please see the light in your heart expanding beyond your physical form. Charge it with Love.

Imagine golden currents of wholeness ascending from the nerve endings in your feet throughout the body, vitalizing, cleansing, harmonizing and utilizing the God Energy released through the contact points.

Thus you achieve harmony and balance and help your physical form to out picture your inner beauty. By so doing, I am not working ON you but WITH you and we can work together for a lasting health benefit.

Thank you for the privilege to be your partner.

Relax and let Power flow through you. Do not let curiosity hold back this power....It is a certain fact that Spiritual Power / life force/ life energy/ cannot flow easily along the sheaths of the human nervous system while there is tension in the nerves and the muscular systems through which those nerves travel. The only way to have an unimpeded flow of Spiritual Power ( Healing energy ) is to physically relax.

In order to heighten our consciousness, to relax and to direct our attention to the inward procedures we do not take any notice of the physical happenings which are taking place around us. To learn to relax it is good to focus our attention on one single point and still our thoughts.

This type of detachment can be learned. There are some people who, when they attend a profound lecture, do close their eyes so that they may give the words of the speaker their full concentration (the same is true during a treatment session to become sensitive to the light rays and energy flow)

When the eyes are open and perceive different actions and images, the mind tends to dart from the perception back to what is being heard etc. and back again. .....( in healing the mind does not work with the healing forces when there is talking )

We suggest to our friends who trust themselves in our care to go within, be still and close the eyes. We also might give a visualization concept, for example, see the light in the heart become strong and brilliant and expand through all tissue and organs to the point where it reaches the aura and by this pushing out all blocking dark substance.

Or in case of a specific tension or disorder focus the attention to that point in the body, again visualizing the healing light flowing into and around it.

This healing meditation can become a practice in ones daily life and will prove to be very helpful. To be quiet during sessions is not only important for the sake of relaxation for the recipient, but also for the atonement of the practitioner.

Oma's reflections on: The difference between massage and reflexology

Work on the reflex area, especially the feet, has a different effect from that on the body direct. To work on the body direct is to draw out, to soothe, to ease the symptom. The result is pleasing, relaxing and passive. The symptom goes relatively quickly, but tends to return.

To work on the reflexes is to activate in the subject and bring awareness of the reason for having the symptom. At first the result is not necessarily pleasing as it can raise reactions before relaxation takes place. But the results are positive and largely permanent. The change comes from within. The person has observed his original pattern and found it wanting and has made the change within himself.

In reality all that this work then does is loosen the pattern of stress so that there can be change. Reflexology then relies upon the cooperation of natural forces within the body to aid in the process of healing. Innumerable nerve endings, energy fields and reflex points in the feet do reflect our whole being almost as into a mirror. Through this system of reflex and control points unlimited healing forces within can be released

The one who applies the stimulation is acting merely as a catalyst and it is of utmost importance that he himself is in harmony and balance when attempting to give this special service to some one. We have to watch our energies, go within, get centered and make contact with our own real self. We should never work with others if we do not feel good and are in harmony within ourselves.

Oma's reflections on: Reactions 

We quote from a German Textbook, the words Patient and Treatment are not to be used in USA for the time being, so we put them in "quote"

With reflexology we experience a process of cleansing the body. Blocked energy is released. Toxins and accumulated wastes are released and absorbed back into the bloodstream to be later eliminated by the kidneys and liver.

Before such elimination however the 'patient' may at times temporarily experience headaches, nausea, diarrhea, or cold symptoms. This is part of the cleansing process on the road to better health.

We know that each person may react to 'treatment' in different ways, some with immediate feelings of renewed health and energy, and some with little or delayed reactions.

Any change from after the previous session, whether pleasant or disturbing, of shorter or longer duration, sharp or stimulating, is an indication of the inner healing capacity of the patient playing its part, it shows that the breaking down and elimination of metabolites and toxins has begun.

Oma's reflections on: General beginners' instructions

As a beginner in the field of healing and as a new Reflexologist or with a new patient, please observe following instruction closely: To start, always work more on the light side with 'light; it can be more effective than strong pressure.

When you are sure that you have the nerve point exact, set the signal only one time. A deliberate good massage alone would sometimes do the job, combined with the pack, especially the first and second time.

If feet have never been worked on, they are sometimes strongly reacting just to touch. In other words, let the light....from your heart do the work through your hand. It is known that the measure of healing depends on the measure of Love in the heart of the recipient and the server. So at all times be conscious that we work from the center of our heart through the center of our hand.

Remember that if a patient has many disorders it is a MUST to be gentle and deliberate, less is better then too much, treatments have to be short and more often. Remember also that the healing is invoked by deep relaxation during the quiet session hour, which will continue beyond that. We do not aggravating them unduly with pain. Of course by gentle I mean find the point in a deliberate-gentle way, be sure that you know your nerve endings and do not push just painful tissue, then set a sharp signal and hold the point until the sharp pain gives way to a sense of warm circulation, don't dig but repeat point-contacts during the session.

To control the flow of light we do connect the palm of our hands with the palm of the feet, hold and meditate on the flow. Soon you will feel your hand becoming warm or hot. This can be done midway of the treatment, or several times, depending on the situation, or just at the end of the session. It is a comfortable and assuring action very much appreciated by the patient and gives us opportunity to tune in.

Wait for the pulsating action before you continue the point-treatment. Always send energy and hold the Solar Plexus again and again during very important part in healing. (see also lecture note conversation during session and letter to the new recipient " friends" in your handouts.)

Oma's reflections on:  Electrons

We know that nothing is static in this world. Science has proven that even so called inanimate substance such as wood and stone is in constant motion, ELECTRONS IN MOTION.

The physical body, which seems so solid and substantial to us is also composed of ELECTRONS. Around those pure radiating, spinning electrons the substance of the outer world is drawn, clogging off force fields and closing in the light of the Electrons, slowing down the spinning action and energy flow.

Some of the organs which have been particularly intruded, like for example the liver or kidney, by suction take impure substance into themselves whereby circulation is impaired, energy flow is blocked and organic disturbances are in order.

So we see that when we have organic disturbances, it is the result of this blocking of the Electrons, and slowing down of the spinning action around their central core (light center.)

How can Reflexology have a healing effect in this situation? By activating and stimulating the connecting energy - fields and points in the feet the healing hands of the therapist can send currents of wholeness along the nerve path ways to the relating force field in the body. The effect of this action can be likened to cleaning a clogged up pipe. If life force can again flow freely, circulation is normalized and the Electrons spin again in a higher vibratory rate.

This would explain that 'patients' comment on the feeling of lightness one person said: "It is almost as if I have more space in my body inside" ( remember the propeller on an airplanes, as it rotates and spins the plane can take off )

Not to forget that at the same time deeper causes for these disturbances come to the inner and often outer awareness of the recipient to bring about harmony and balance of body mind and soul.

Oma's reflections on: The use of the science of energy flow

The releasing of energies in the chakras by the pressing of certain points on the feet must always be accompanied by the release of visualization and love first of all from the heart chakra.

What ever the contact point is, one of the seven chakras will be the key for the healing of that level in the physical body. When pressure is applied for example to areas that affect the brain, we are visualizing the golden light of the crown chakra.

We should feel the flow from our heart through our hands. Our hands are the conductor of our heart energy into that point. We are aware and visualize that we are sending a signal to the brain to release energy into the area. We visualize the traveling of the golden light from the point in the feet all the way up to the brain.

There is a circle of energy that travels from the higher self through the conductor to the patient and from the higher self of the patient to the conductor, building a complete circle. We are aware and visualize, that it is not our (the conductors) physical energy used in this act of healing.

Through our hands we are releasing that energy, visualizing the electrodes of Alpha and Omega (negative and positive) no matter if the patient or the conductor is a male or a female. The polarity is assumed, just like there is a polarity in a magnetic force field, an electro-magnetic force field. The conductor is the active force, the patient becomes the passive force.

We meditate upon the light of the chakra, belonging to the energy field we are contacting and working on, with the core of the chakra always being white, as the white fire core of every ray is white, Alpha and Omega in the center.

We know about the seven ray's, there are also 5 secret ray's, known as the healing ray's: in the palm of our hands, the palm of the feet and the thymus gland, representing the hearth chakra. Both of our hands are in action. One is Alpha, one is Omega. So if we have the right flow of the secret ray chakra in our hand, we are delivering a current, a current of wholeness into the patient. We are delivering the active force of the ray and it is entering the foot which is also a secret ray chakra.

Then by the love of our heart the fifth of the secret ray's is activated and released through the thymus. All 5 secret ray's are activated and in flow. The patient should be aware; and if it is someone who can not be made aware for what ever reason, we make a call to the higher Self of that person to activate the secret ray chakras.

Be conscious of contacting the secret ray in the thymus of the patient also and of the flow. Then of the pulsations. When we press the point, it is the release of the white fire, which begins a whirling action in the chakra. A clockwise movement in the chakra, opening the release of light. Remember the key distributing center for light is in the heart. No matter what point and chakra we work on, the distributing point from your higher self is the heart, the balancing three fold flame.

We release a pulsation, which by the nerve impulse contact the chakra and begins an increase of energy flow. This begins by a slow movement and then a quicker movement of the white fire core of the chakra. As the chakra begins to spin - it is like a blazing sun. Now what does that spinning action do? It is throwing off substance, impurity, impurities from the etheric level, mental, astral and physical.

We have the responsibility to see to it that we do not cause too much impurities to be released at once. It is really not necessary to overload any of the four lower bodies with substance; we can invoke the action of the violet flame to work with us. This then is the beginning of our understanding of the science of the laying on of hands, where we can bring healing to the form through the hands.

As we give our treatment we remember then, that the impulse is like pressing a button to the white fire core. We can visualize or see the light in our hands making the contact, we can see the waves carried with the speed of light and we can see the corresponding reaction of the white fire core of the chakra that is connected with the organ we are working on, begins to spin.

We are at all times to be aware, that we are the conductor, the catalyst, the instrument, consciously conscious of consciousness, so that at no time our human ego can take over and take credit for any act of healing. It is the persons own life force that makes the correction, by the Grace of God.

Oma's reflections on: Colon Health

Colon health is a must for every body. Reflexology is very effective in helping the body through increased, normalized circulation, relaxation (tension tightens the colon) improving muscle tuning. (Peristaltic action) To stimulate all organs involved in the process of digestion is of great importance and value, even if people claim to have 'no problems'

This is a subject in your training were I encourage you to ask me questions again and again. It is so to speak the bottom line and cause of a multitude of disorders. Not to cleanse the colon is like having the entire garbage collecting staff going on strike for days on end. The colon is the sewage of the body, let it stagnate and it will decay and putrefy into the blood stream

* poisoning the brain and the nervous system leading to mental depression and irritability
* poisoning the lungs and let the breath smell foul
* poisoning the digestive system causing bloating and distress.

In short one will age prematurely, look and feel old lose vitality and the joy of living.

Cleansing the colon also assists the body to assimilate nourishment.

The colon is the sewer of the body. The entire body dumps it's waste into the colon. If the colon is backed up with tenacious substances, hardened plaque, parasites or any amount of sediment, then the rest of the organism is affected.

The sacrum area alone can be such a fermenting pot of undigested foods that the body's immune system has to continually work against autointoxication.

Just to name a few, this disorders can be caused by a blocked colon:

Headaches - Sinusitis - Ear infection - Eye problems - Teeth gum problems - Lung problems of any kind - Hay fever - Menstrual irregularity - Endocrine imbalance - Mental problems - Kidney,Bladder problems - Thyroid imbalance - Blood pressure - Skin problems -Prostate problems - Energy imbalance -Assimilation deficiencies -Blood sugar imbalances - Diabetes - Backaches - Fatigue - Cancer.

To pay attention to the reflexes of the digestive system is important with every one seeking our service.

Oma's reflections on: Thymus Gland

The thymus gland lies just beneath the upper part of the breastbone in the middle of the chest. Until the 1950's little was understood about the thymus, but now we have a good deal of information.

The thymus is the "school and factory" of the white blood cells -lymphocytes- responsible for the body's immunological reactions. Activating the thymus makes the body less susceptible to disease in the first place and also better able to combat illness.

In addition, the thymus gland monitors and regulates energy flow through the body. When ever an imbalance occurs, it balances the energy. Thus the thymus is the first organ of the body to be affected by stress - infection - disease - or mental stress. It is the link between mind and body.

The thymus is influenced by an individual's physical environment, social environment, food, posture and emotional attitudes. Thus thinking about something unpleasant will weaken the thymus. while thinking about someone you love will strengthen it.

The negative, weakening emotions are: hate, envy, suspicion and fear. The positive emotional states are love, faith, trust, courage and gratitude. We call this latter states thymus qualities. There will be more teaching on the Thymus Gland at second level.

Oma's reflections on: Caring for the feet

Footbaths, cold foot baths have a diversionary effect. That is, they eliminate blood congestion in the head, are restful after intense intellectual work, eliminate tiredness of the feet, and regulate the intestines. ( ask me about this ) Kidney- and bladder problems require temperate or warm foot baths. A 'changing' foot bath ( hot 4 min, cold 2 min. alternating) is effective for chronic cold feet, blood congestion in the head, nervous headaches, restlessness, sleeplessness, also for training of the blood circulation.

During a normal day, the average person will walk several miles. During a lifetime more than 115,000 miles or more than four times around the world. That's about 10,000 steps each day on pavement, tile or other surfaces. Human feet were designed for standing and walking - natural activities that should not produce discomfort.

Since most of us start life with trouble-free feet, what goes wrong when our feet hurt? From hundreds of known foot ailments, many can be traced to four common causes: heredity, improper foot care, injury (including any caused by shoes and stockings that don't fit well) and the effects of aging.

Although an individual can inherit flat feet or other structural problems, many foot ailments can be prevented. To help you trough the fashion comfort line the American Podiatric Medical Association and School Inc. offer the following suggestions:

Feet tend to swell during the day, so it is best to shop for shoes in the afternoon. Try on both shoes and take a test walk for several minutes in the store. Buy for the larger foot.  Stay away from shoes that need 'a break in' period. Shoes should be flexible, to move when the foot moves. A thick sole softens the blow of pounding pressure when you walk on hard surfaces such as concrete, and a corrugated sole will 'grip' slippery surfaces. The shoe-heel should fit snugly, if it doesn't try a heel liner that attaches around the inside of the shoe. The instep should not gape open and there should be 1/4 to 1/2 inch of room between the tip of your longest toe and the tip of the shoe.

High heels should not be worn too long. Besides being uncomfortable, they can aggravate knee, hip, or back pain. For long lasting comfort keep soles clean and in good repair. Don't let heels wear down or you may throw your foot and body out of balance and create strain, even on inner organs.

Feet are as different as people. Never wear 'hand-me-down' shoes. All this could be known by common sense. But since common sense is not so common, even quite rare, we thought we might include this suggestions in our lecture program.

Reading: 'Who is the matter with me?' by Alice Steadman...... "Feet represent the foundation of ones life and represent the hidden side of the personality, just like the foundation of a building is hidden, yet the most important part of the building. The feet represent our secret hopes and desires, our innermost dreams, waking and sleeping, our fears of limitations, the past, the closest part of our thinking.

Our feet are the understanding... past, present, and future, mistakes and successes. Sometimes our feet insist on being immobilized for a while, so we can catch up with ourselves...."

Reading" 'Become Younger' by Dr. N.W. Walker, D.Sc. ".. There are many ailments and afflictions which result from the abuse of the muscles, nerves and bones in the body. Most outstanding of all is abuse resulting from the desire to follow 'fashions' I refer to the wearing of high heels. So disastrous is the damage caused by wearing high heels that distorted and prolapsed organs , as well as female trouble, become more and more prevalent and pronounced when ever fashion dictates an increase in the height of heels. This damage is rarely discovered immediately. However, when the trouble begins to be felt, it's cause is rarely attributed to the feet. but usually this is where it started High heels have the tendency to throw every bone, from the foot, the pelvis, the vertebrae, up to the region of the brain, out of alignment. this means excessive pressure on nerves, muscles and organs throughout the entire body.

I have found that because the natural foot position is as close to the floor or ground as possible - as in walking barefoot - it would make sense that the heel of a shoe should not exceed half an inch in thickness.

Like that of thousands of others, my experience has been that sandals are the most healthy and practical footwear. Feet breathe, the must have as free and unhampered access to air as possible. otherwise toxins and the heavier poisons which gravitate towards the lower extremities are retained in the feet and reabsorbed into the system. This may result in flat feet, unpleasant odor, athlete's foot and excessive perspiration, burning and weakness of feet.."

Oma's reflections on: Learning

When we look closer into all the ancient teachings and new 'scientific discoveries we find such a vast system of control stimulation, polarization, recording, meridian, and zone points, that the student can become as much confused as one who studies all the chemical components of modern man medicine. It appears to grow increasingly confusing what is offered in the field of Natural Healing.

There is no end to research, as a matter of fact scientific research is beginning to take on this subject seriously , in many case only to find a confirmation of what has been known already for ages. Still one can feel that we "have only seen the tip of the iceberg."

One thing we can be sure about, that we are looking at a new medicine, the care of the future, which involves again the whole person. A care which will prevent and correct bodily disorder and will return to man again the responsibility for himself and put him once again in charge of his physical being.

As a Foot Reflexologist at the level we are treating and teaching at this time, one can narrow down this approach to the roots and work as precise as possible.

Never stop learning, never stop integrating and never stop listening and never stop remaining humble before Gods wondrous creation of this vehicle, provided for our journey home again. At the Reflexology Treatment and Training Center we collect any information possible and make it available to all seekers for knowledge in healing at all levels of being.

Oma's reflections on: Fever

Fever is the organism's answer and a important regulation and defense process. It is not an illness in itself. However through fever the metabolism is stimulated, the heart and circulation are strongly engaged.

Fever is a symptom It is a immunization process on the physical and soul level. The individual is taking a stand against it's surroundings, or imposed energies and influences. It is always accompanied by an increased reduction of body substance. We recognize that after a fever, protein production increases; the stronger the reduction (high or longer fever) the stronger the succeeding build up. Therefore, after an illness with fever we can recognize the therapeutic effect of it by biological changes. For example: Children advance rapidly after correctly handled fever. This phenomena is not recognized and fever is mostly suppressed due to fear of convulsions (which is the exception rather than the rule and requires special attention, of course)

Fever accompanied by cold feet indicates a blockage of energy flow often in the sacrum. It can be controlled by holding the points on the feet with crossed hands for five minutes with an even, medium pressure. (Sacrum, groin.)

Trying to suppress and control the fever with drugs might be comforting to the family, but of not to great a service to the individual having the fever. Compresses with curd, herbs, or vinegar are wholesome and effective. Every Mother should know how to administer them. A curd pack is effective in chest cold situations, because the whey supplies the highest source of B 13, which will attack the toxic imbalance and the bacteria causing the fever. The fever neutralizes the bacteria (sterilize)

In Reflexology we control fever through the points on the toes.

Oma's reflections on: Glands

Not only are the two glands in the head tremendously important, but the whole glandular system, especially the ductless glandular system, exercises tremendous sway over the human system.

The white blood corpuscles are not actually manufactured in either the pancreas or spleen, but are really formed by the activity of the etheric double, which is connected to the physical body through the spleen. A continuous stream of partly etheric white blood corpuscles pours from the invisible world into the visible organism through the gateway of the spleen.

The same is true of the liver for the red blood corpuscles are to a certain degree a crystallization of astral forces, for the liver is the portal, leading to the astral body.

The seven major ductless glands are under the control of the seven planets, and each one of them is actually sevenfold

The endocrine system as a whole is a collection of tiny glands that excrete minute amounts of hormones, regulating all functions in the body from thinking to reproduction. The system is autonomous, operating on ' it's own' and could thus be likened to mans instinct, responding immediately to stimuli and maintaining a balance within the mind and body. A good example is the release of Adrenaline due to the stimulus of fear.

The pineal gland keeps the gate open between our soul and the realm of spirit.

Oma's reflections on:  Frame of Mind

anxiety = emotion most damaging to stomach / ulcer (solar plexus)
appendix= emotional stress - fear. (solar plexus)
bacterial infection = irritation, disharmony (thymus, adrenal)
depression a contagious illness 2 -3 generation (generations programmed)
tooth decay = severe mental stress, family situations, if not able to adapt-change-escape
Asthma = purely psychological - not an illness but a symptom
Allergies, colds, bronchitis = psychological caused by fear, nervousness, triggered by false concepts. 

These are but a few examples how we are programming - preconditioning - predetermine our being, our actions our health via our brain. Our brain is our build in computer. It has some 14 billion neurons. If we were to compare this with an electronic computer it would have a 4 million megabyte memory.

However this is not an accurate comparison, since a bite is only a bit of information such as a letter or number. while the neuron holds a whole word, idea, thought or emotion. In addition it has a series of dendrites, little "branches" which increase his capacity.

Our brain has been recording words, thoughts, ideas and emotions (back to our first embodiment in matter). Every time you receive a new input your mental computer goes through a search to compare the new data with previous data and to determine what response, if any, you should make.

So we can see: Our brain is a busybody. It possesses thousand times more connections than all the telephone systems in the world. Small wonder then that sometimes, when you want to get through, you find that the "line is busy" If you have ever made an attempt to meditate you know that at first you had difficulty stilling your thoughts. They jumped around like a barrel of monkeys. This is the problem during any normal learning process. What we are attempting to learn has to compete with a host of other extraneous thoughts and ideas and we do need a strong "deep" input. As in the case of the multiplication tables we have to repeat them over and over again.

This should explain somewhat how important it is to program our mind with wonderful, positive, healthy images ( eye magic ) and thought forms It should teach us to refrain from watching movies and TV programs with negative, unpleasant, unwholesome Ideas, images and motives. Since we also learn that all and every impression on our senses will be recorded and eventually out pictured in outer manifestations, we also will select more carefully and wisely color, odors, fragrances and sounds or melodies we expose ourselves to. Be mindful of what impresses us, what makes an impression and thus does program our feeling and behavior.

In Reflexology or any other healing art for that matter, we have to encourage and educate people who seek our help to the important factor of the influence our mind has on our well being. Some people for example seem to have more energy than others and when we look closer, it is often just more and stronger willpower and discipline exercised by the individual. A momentum created through constant 'input' of self commanding. When we explain the roots of 'forgetfulness' in this way, it seems more practical and makes more sense than when we speak in psychological or spiritual terms.

By and by we will understand how spiritual physiology is and how physical spirituality. Integration brings the balance. Gods laws are simple and make good sense.

Oma's reflections on: Lymphatic System

12 % of the body fluid is blood 62 % of the fluid is inside the cells, that means that 36 % of the body fluid is lymph. There is 3 times more lymph fluid in the body than there is blood. Lymph fluid is that clear fluid that oozes over a cut once it stops bleeding. It is the fluid that surrounds all cells. But as important as the lymphatic system is, unlike blood it does not have its own pump to transport this fluid throughout the body. One way to activate the lymphatic system is to jump on your rebounder. But Reflexology offers another alternative.

During the recovery of my mastectomy I was fitted with a drain tube to allow the excess lymph fluid to be properly drained from the wound. This facilitates healing and is critical since lymph fluid is a known carrier of cancerous cells and cancer often spreads through the lymphatic system. Monica, a student of mine applied the Oma method of reflexology to my feet and quite predictably each treatment would stimulate lymph fluid flow. In fact it was so predictable that my son was able to chart the daily rise and fall in production and shared this with my surgeon Dr. Vannix.

Oma's reflections on:  Essential Oils

Part of lecture by Dr. Robert Seidel, President of Rainbow Oils Incorporated, given at the 

Essential Oils, Aroma Therapy, Fragrance Therapy. Essential Oils have a definite affect on the mind, the body and the spirit. And what is 'essential oil'?

An essential oil is that fragrance material that is found within the root, the stem, the leaf or the flower of a plant., If we would take one of these essential oils, if they are pure, it is a substance that would evaporate. If we would pour it on the ground, expose it to the air or heat, there wouldn't be anything left.

Generally the oils that most of us are experienced with are fixed oils or fatty oils, like cooking oils, vegetable oils. Those are products of expression, In other words if you were going to make olive oil you would press olives. or almond oil, you would press almonds. If you would make essential oils you would have to use another method. The method employed and probably one of the better methods is steamed distillation and that is a very old art. The first writings about distillation known are from about 400 B.C. and all they talked about then was oil of turpentine. That was the only distilled oil spoken of for about 1500 years until the Alchemist took over. Paracelsus was a very early Alchemist. He had a theory that one can extract eventually the quintessence, which is the ultimate essence above and beyond the life force, the spiritual etheric substance. He would take a plant material and distil it and remove the essential oil which is fragrance material out of the plant. With this experiments he wanted to reach the higher realms. He would take the essential oil and go through further and further extractions, We do not know if he ever arrived at the final spiritual quintessence, he kept trying, getting further and further into the etheric. We know that within the purest possible oil is found that etheric material that Paracelsus was aimed at

The Essential oil is the distinct personality of the plant. You walk up to a eucalyptus tree with your eyes closed, crush a leaf and you recognize eucalyptus for example. There is nothing on the planet that smells like eucalyptus. That is the personality, a rose, a violet, a carnation, fragrances of distinct personality found in nothing else. We see a flower and instinctively stick or nose into it to observe the fragrance. A rose is healing and relaxing. how it works is a mystery to everyone, but it does indeed work

Speaking about Aroma Therapy we know that flowers generally are relaxing, so the effect of flower oils have similarities to different degrees; relaxing, calming, beneficial to the skin.

Oma's reflections on:  Urine

Urine, Kidney

Urine is about 96 % water, this teaches us that part of the kidneys function is to regulate the fluid level of the body. If 96 % is water, what are the other constituents of urine ? On breakdown it contains Urea, Creatinine, Uric Acid, Amino Nitrogens,, Ammonia, Sodium,, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Chloride compounds, Sulphate compounds, ( organic and inorganic) Enzymes, Vitamins, Hormones, and other substances.

A few of these which are valuable in healing are Urokinase (discovered by Scientists and found to be effective in helping to dissolve cloths in the heart and lungs.) The other is Allan toin found also in plants of which comfrey is perhaps the best known. This would explain why the plant comfrey is so well known by the herbalists for healing wounds, burns and skin conditions. Since Urine contains this substance as well, it is also understandable why it also works well with this same conditions.

Notice from the above impressive list that urine contains all the valuable mineral salts that the body needs for proper function.

Why then is it suggested that Urine is a poison ? (I  say 'suggested' because although pensions are mentioned as being part of the secreted total, the overall picture of the accepted publications 'suggest' that urine is all waste.)

Oma's reflections on:  Student conduct / Internship

If the student is committed to work in the Center, the training is without charge, the student will participate in other office responsibilities to reimburse the teacher and keep a balance of give and take. In other cases the fee has to be established with consideration of special circumstances.

We have different levels of education or/and training

Level 1 and 2 for information or self help, Level 3 for professional education Level 4 for specific training to work with us. Level 5 The Oma Method including the spiritual teaching for interested, trained Reflexologists.

Students might be refereed to other Reflexology teachers to learn the basics, and to a Massage school to be educated in anatomy, physiology etc. 

If we find a student qualified for personal training and permit the student to be present during treatment sessions, the following has to be taken in sincere consideration:

A healer has to be a strong personality, always aware of his conduct and affect on his surrounding. be sensitive but not 'touchy'

A healer has to be totally sure of himself in order to find a healthy balance a healthy self assurance and self confidence, but not self centeredness. A healer has to be able to be distant, not emotionally involved, always aware of his own protection, in order to be effectively helping the client.. A healer is not to display a sweetens, which weakens, but a kindness that makes strong. A healer is a server, not a servant.

Therefore the student has to be sure not to be sweet and not to be a pleaser but be clear and warm-distant.

A true healer exercises compassion, not sympathy.

While sitting in on a session with a patient the student must absolutely not display feelings, make remarks, offer information participate in conversation if not addressed directly

The healer m u s t watch body language and face expression, his or her own, the teachers, the patients... be aware. be still and almost invisible in sight and vibration. Listen, observe. If questions arise in students understanding, notes are taken and discussed a f t e r the session..

Most people do not like another person to be present during treatment, even if they politely agree. Be sensitive about that, sit in the next room, be totally concentrated and observant and listen to the flow of conversation ( or stillness) a great part of the effective treatment is to tune in to the persons need, emotionally and physically.

If a patient is trustful because of the students approach, he will graciously agree to give the student a chance to try his hand. Than the student will be encouraged to work on a client and will make a written report after the session.

A beginner has to remember that a 'light' treatment is more effective than perfect point pressing. (ask me about this important statement,.. questions are very welcome, do not guess..)

The points have to be exercised on friends and family

Be always aware that the grip of your hand has to be firm and enclosing, embracing. In a handshake or during treatment.

I do not intend to give a one by one training any longer. because it demands a considerable expenditure of time and energy on my part . There is a wealth of information available through the teacher OMA to upgrade the students performance if he focuses on his goal and vision to become the BEST.

The student will notice that the teacher tells sometimes story's which the student never should. The teacher does know the patient and is aware of his emotional stability or need, therefore the teacher can help the patients understanding with parables... It will take time for the student to cultivate this art and to create a repertoire but of fitting stories to convey a message on a totally impersonal level. The patient will see the relation to his own situation and can learn from it without being lectured to.

The expression HEALER when used in our lectures can also be replaced with HELPER, because that is what we are. We help the person to make contact with their own self and invoke their own build in healing potential. For that reason, I have to say it again, we are to hold the immaculate concept, do not engage in negative thoughts and talks and keep a warm distance. Be constant in contact with the higher level of consciousness and convey the silent message : " The Love in my heart greets the love in your heart " A healer must exercise and understand the impersonal love of God' at all times.

The teacher will arrange for special time with the student (an afternoon or evening, at least 3 hrs.) to go over his notes answer questions and guide to the important literature. Please do not read too many different books which will easily diverse from the fundament we feel is important for our training. The teacher will make available to the student a wealth of information, books charts etc. when the student is ready.




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