This came to my desk (A transmission from Archangel Michael) and is going through my mind, so I think I want to share it with you:

Remember to breathe deeply and practice the sacred breath each and every day until it becomes natural. Deep, rhythmic breathing, or breathing the golden or white prana of life is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. The golden prana is the energy from the Sun or the fire element, while the white prana is derived from the element of the air. There is also prana which is derived from the Earth, or the Earth element and yes, even prana from the element of water. These are the vital energies necessary for you to exist and function efficiently in the physical body. That is why it is called sometimes the Sacred Breath, for it helps to transmute and release negative energies within the body. It will also balance and enhance the chakra system and cleanse and expand the auric field. We will concentrate on our breathing techniques until it is natural for us to breathe from the abdomen through our diaphragm instead of breathing shallowly from the chest.

If we will consciously practice deep rhythmic breathing, it will help us to move easily into an altered meditative state. It also relieves stress and clears the mind as it energizes the body. Deep breathing with or without affirmations, is one of the best ways to balance and harmonize our energy field. It is the magic elixir of Life.

From Oma's Desk
August 25, 2003

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The above has been captured from Oma's archives and posted as it was found.
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