Oma's experience with Cancer

"Cancer doesn't scare me anymore" was a common phrase you could hear from Oma if you spent any time at all with her. In conversation she might refer you to a book by Dr. Day with that same title or she might shock you by telling you about urine therapy. Oma herself successfully conquered cancer without chemo therapy or radiation back in 1993 after her surgeon declared that "its a stage four cancer and it doesn't matter what we do or when we do it, its too late anyway.

How did she do it? Well it seems there were a number of factors at play. First and foremost, Oma had a keen will to live back in 1993. Although she never expected to live beyond the age of seventy, once she reached that milestone a new determination grew in her and she was just not prepared to accept the doctor's verdict. From her own training Oma knew the important role that her immune system would play in any recovery from a stage four cancer. That is why she told the surgeon that he was not to remove her lymph nodes as he performed the mastectomy to remove a grapefruit sized mass. Oma refused Chemo and Radiation therapy. She knew that both of these severely compromise the body's immune system.

Immediately after surgery, while she had a drainage tube inserted un her chest cavity to drain the lymph fluid, Oma asked one of her students to give her regular reflexology treatments. By squeezing the soft tissue between the toes, one can stimulate the lymphatic system and thereby boost the body's immune response. This was so effective that we could see a measurable increase in lymph fluid flow within an hour after each treatment.

Oma knew about the benefits of chlorophyll on the immune system. In addition to eating lots of leafy greens, once a day Oma would make her pilgrimage to the local health food store where they offered fresh wheat grass juice. Oma loved making a "wheat grass face". 

Finally, Oma had great faith in the effectiveness of Urine Therapy. Introduced to the ancient healing methodology by Dr. Lody while on a retreat in the mountains, Oma practiced Urine therapy for years after her mastectomy. Once again, Oma was ahead of her time. Only now is the strengthening of the immune system beginning to be recognized as the number one candidate for curing cancer.

The simple act of urine therapy, that is drinking a small amount of your own urine, may offer an effective biofeedback mechanism to help the body's immune response sort out where the cancer cells are located so it can attack them and eliminate them. It has been suggested that urine therapy can do the same job for other immune deficiency diseases like the common cold and flue. Oma even believed that it was an effective treatment against aids.

Clearly urine therapy isn't for everyone. People taking in lots of poisons, like caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, meat, and drugs would naturally be reluctant to ingest their own urine. It is understood that a healthy lifestyle is a prerequisite for any enhancement of the immune system. However if you have progressed to eating vegan and are looking for a natural biofeedback loop to boost your immune system, urine therapy might well be for you.

If this therapy is so effective why did Oma die of Cancer anyway? The short answer is, Oma wanted to go home. She was ready. The long answer will be explored in a forthcoming book on Oma's life. Stay tuned.

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The above has been captured from Oma's archives and posted as it was found.
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