Chakra and Gland relation

Chakra Gland Contamination of the Chakra

Crown Chakra

Pituitary  Misuse of Intellect
Third Eye Chakra Pineal Contamination of purity in vision
Throat Chakra Thyroid Misuse of the spoken word
Heart Chakra  Thymus  Calcification of chakra through hardness of heart
Solar Plexus Chakra Pancreas Negative emotions
Seat of the Soul Chakra Adrenal Misuse of energy in general
Base of the Spine Chakra Ovaries, Testicles Misuse of sacred energy

We are told that chakras are energy fields which connect and vitalize the body parts assigned to them. The chakras are spinning light centers holding and distributing the God given energy throughout the body systemIf the energy is misqualified, the spinning action is affected,  blocked, slowed down. The chakras can not be opened, but they can be purified so the spinning action is restored.

It is important for the healer to understand that  energy can never be disposed of. it has to be transmuted. This can be safely done by invoking the power of the violet transmuting flame and the science of the spoken word.

We ask that all misqualified energy be transmuted by the violet fire Into Light, illumination and Love.

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The above has been captured from Oma's archives and posted as it was found.
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