Endocrine Glands

It is very essential that we take into consideration the glands of the body, as certain gland secretions are vital for the manufacturing of our blood. The pineal, pituitary, thyroid and lymphatic glands are of great importance. As we explore and talk about the different functions of our endocrine gland system and other body systems the vigilant student of the Oma Method of Reflexology will have a profound understanding about the "connective-system-work" in the Oma Method The reflexologist can thus determine which disorder might be related to a glandular or other system-dysfunction and go to the "roots" of it. By law in Reflexology we are not allowed to treat a specific condition or illness, so we concentrate on health.

It is of great value to the practitioner to know how total relaxation and normalized circulation can have an effect from within the body and bring most body-functions into balance, bring disorders to order. When we study the endocrine system we are first aware that their secretions are blood born. They are made in the cells of a gland and from there are carried by the blood as part of the chemistry of the blood and are not put in by way of ducts and tubes. The circulation of the blood goes through the gland and picks up there highly complex chemistries. They then go through the body exerting the influence on and to whatever part of the body they were intended to stimulate or restart in function. The very word "hormone" means "messenger" thus they carry the message of action, both plus and minus to the tissue, which is their ultimate purpose. As we understand more the work of the endocrines, we see that there is no single function of the body that is not affected in some way by these "transistors of nature".

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