Healing and the Flow of Light Energy

"The movement of energy flow is a science that is taught by the Master, it is the name and concept that El Morya gives to what has been called "Foot Reflexology". He says it is the science of energy flow applied to the four lower bodies.

The use of the science of energy flow as the releasing of energy in the chakras by pressing of the 7 Endocrine Gland-points on the feet must always be accompanied by visualization. And first of all the release of Love, from the heart chakra of the therapist.

We must know that whatever the contact point is, one of the seven chakras will be the key for the healing of that level in the physical body. We should feel the flow from the heart through the hand. The hand is the conductor of the heart energy into that point. Know and visualize the traveling of golden light from the nerves in the feet all the way up, back to the brain.

"Always know that together with the patient there is a complete circle, a circle from your I Am Presence, the patients I Am Presence, - It is a healing act an act of compassion and love."

To direct God's healing energy into a specific situation there has to be a point of contact. Faith can be the point of contact, the unconditional love in the heart of the healer can be the point of contact, together with the contact points in the feet. The pressing of this contact points gives the impulse for the chakra to spin and come in alignment with the God Presence from where the life energy comes.

Please know and understand that there is a polarity of spiritual energies. Whereby you draw forth energy for healing and the patient receives this energy of healing. You become the active force, the patient is the passive force.

The pulsation of your hand is the pulsation of the secret ray. The secret rays are healing rays. The sacred secret ray chakras are in the palm of both hands and feet and in the thymus gland.

Both of your hands are in action. One is Alpha, one is Omega. So if you have the right flow of these secret ray chakras in your hands you are delivering a wholeness current, a wholeness current, a current of wholeness into the patient. You are delivering the active force of the secret ray and it's entering at the foot, which is also a secret ray chakra. Then by the love of your heart, the fifth of the secret rays is released through the thymus, so all of the action of the secret rays should be in flow.

You should be aware of contacting the secret ray in the Thymus of the patient also, and of the flow. That will be established during the ritual of the washing of the feet. 

The pulsation, when you press the point, it is the release of the white fire which begins, a whirling action in the chakra, a clockwise movement in the chakra, opening the release of light, which - you remember - the key distributing center for light is in the heart.

Therefore no matter what the chakra is, the distributing point from the Presence is the heart, the threefold flame. (Love = pink / Wisdom = yellow / Power = blue )

Remember the sun began to whirl in the vision of Mother Mary's appearance in Fatima. The sun came down and then it began to spin. That is the spinning of the chakra, in this case the chakra of our whole solar system - the heart chakra.

This action must be accompanied all the while by the flow and release of light, love and visualization."

We have the responsibility to see to it that we do not cause too much impurities to be released at once. It is not necessary to overload any of the four lower bodies with substance when you have the Violet Flame. Treat just enough to activate the chakra.

Pituitary Gland = Crown chakra, gold-yellow

Pineal Gland = Third Eye Chakra, emerald green

Thyroid = throat chakra. brilliant blue

Thymus = heart Chakra. rose-pink

Pancreas = Solar Plexus Chakra, purple

Adrenal Gland = Seat of the Soul Chakra Violet

Ovaries - Testicles = Base of the spine our root chakra, Pearl white

Many books are written and many are giving different colors to the chakras.

It is according to the vision of different clairvoyant teachers. They see the chakras as they are at the time, we should visualize the chakras as they are intended to be, pure clear colors of the rainbow.

So you release a pulsation, which by the nerve impulse contacts the chakra and starts an increase in energy flow. This begins by a slow movement and then a quicker movement of the white fire core of the chakra. As the chakra begins to spin it's like a spinning blazing sun, energizing and vitalizing.

Now, what does this spinning action do? It's throwing off substance, impurities from the etheric level, mental, astral and physical, clearing the chakra so more radiant energy can be given into the connecting glands.

It is important to encourage the patient to search his heart for hidden feelings which are not loving and to make an effort to forgive everyone.

Also encourage the patient to dismiss any negative speak - and thought - forms, criticism and judgment.

Everybody can learn to clear the consciousness and be aware of thoughts and feelings, of words and quotations.

We shall focus on radiating light and health instead on illness, count all blessings, instead giving some little 'problems' power over our thinking patterns.

Consciously reach out with love and kindness.

The impulse initially goes to the ether to release the light from the Presence that was blocked by substance, by debris around the chakra.

The impulse is like a surge of energy to create and allow a breakthrough, to break the boundaries of substance clogged there. That light comes channeling through the etheric. So, it is going to stir up some records, emotionally and physical.

Forgiveness is important, forgive yourself and ask for forgiveness for the cause set in motion which is causing disorder and then ask for the transmuting action of the violet fire.

During and after a session one might feel old substance coming up, dreams, memories, feelings, past experiences. If they are unpleasant be not concerned, like physical debris, physical pollution, there are spiritual debris and pollution.

By the Grace of God they can be released and cleaned up and transmuted into light illumination and love through the Violet fire which we can call forth with determination according to the Holy Will of God.

The dispensation of the knowledge about the power of the Violet Flame is given to help us in this late hour as a special blessing for the healing of the planet and its people, to assist everyone in transmuting misqualified energy and raise the planet into the light again at this special time when the Planet makes itself ready for the transition into the age of enlightenment.

Thus enabling the serious seeker to be light instead of being heavy, to be light instead of being dark. As Jesus said "My burden is light."

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