The Oma Method and Chakras

In the Oma Method we work system by system. Not point by point from heel to toe on one side and later from heel to toe on the other foot. When we work system by system we work on both feet since part is on one and part is on the other, but they are one unit. This way we can also apply essential Oils to the system.

We use spruce Oil for the Respiratory system and Spikenard oil for the whole body and for relaxing and invigorating the Solar Plexus and the Digestive System. So the Therapist has control.

When we work the 7 Endocrine glands we connect with the 7 Chakras. These are the Light Centers for the divine Healing energy. They have to rotate and radiate and be in alignment with the Source from above. We work with the Chakras, by stimulating the endocrine glands, so they spin and throw off misqualified energy which is blocking the energy flow.  

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The above has been captured from Oma's archives and posted as it was found.
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