The Pineal Body

The Pineal Body produces mineral substances of different kinds which cannot be replaced by material substances. The pineal gland produces and stimulates seven different minerals in the human body, much of this action is carried on by the spinal column. Now we will look at the spinal column, also called backbone or just "back". We have 29 bones (Vertebrae)- not including three joints in the tail bone (coxycs). These bones are held in position by fibre tissue.

From the mid-center of the head we find the beginning of the spinal cord, (dorsal_) continuing downward which continues through in the center of the spine. The nerves leave the spinal cord right and left, following each rib to the designated part of the body to which under normal conditions they supply energy.

The spinal cord contains a fluid which gives life to all parts of the body. The action of the lower limbs is supplied with energy from the sciatic nervous system. These nerves begin to branch out from the spinal column what is known as the kidney place to the feet.

We recognize that the cause of much of our trouble lies in the misplacement of the bones in the neck (cervical region) When the neck becomes twisted and the scull out of alignment, impinging the spinal cord, the circulation of the body sections below the shoulders is retarded . This causes a deficiency of nerve supply in the spinal cord lessening the action of the fluid in the cord. The spinal cord furnishes life energy to all parts of the body by a discharge of a moist vapor, which flows through the nerves that leave the spine at each joint between the vertebrae and travel along the ribs from the spine to the sternum . We can see that there will be a chain reaction when the spinal column turns limp and weak, allowing the bones of the entire spine to move out of position. .When the spinal column is impaired, the circulation of the red blood and oxygen supply to the entire body is interfered with. This then is the origin of various ailments.

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