The Spleen

The Spleen is very involved . as we can see from the forgoing list. So we like to look a little closer at the function of the spleen, The spleen is one of the body's most peculiar organs. This large purple organ is full of blood and lymphvessel and seems to be two organs in one having two distinct parts called whith pulp and red pulp. The white pulp concerns itself with vertain immunological operations. while the red pulp acts as a cleansing and recycling agency for red blood cells. Still, many functions of the spleen remain a mystery.. So far it is known that the spleen filters and stores blood, releasing it as needed to maintain the blood volume in the body's circulatory system. The spleen also breaks down old red blood cells, to store and replenish hemoglobin, the iron needed in blood to prevent anemic conditions, and is involved in the metabolic process that yields uric acid, one of the components in urine. The spleen is also believed to be active in the digestive process, since it enlarges slightly during the digestion of food and is found to be quite small in starving people..(quote: The Reflexology Workout pg.102)

There is still another aspect of the function of the spleen on the esoteric level:. known as the gateway between the physical and the spiritual, a great Light-Center. These aspects will be addressed at another time. in our "Special"

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