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Who was Oma?

Oma was born in 1922 to a poor couple living in the Black Forest of Germany. Her father was unemployed through much of her childhood and as the eldest daughter she took on the responsibility of caring for her six siblings early in life. At the end of the war she found her a young mother living in east Germany, married to a soldier who went AWOL in Hitler's army. Just days before the Russians arrived they headed west on foot. By 1952 they had built a hugely successful, multi national distribution network for the Sterilo, an electric soil sterilizer sold to greenhouse operations. By the time Oma immigrated to Canada in 1968 the business was bust and she was raising her four children on her own. In 1969 she settled in California where she found employment as as a private duty nurse for the rich and famous.

In addition to having operated a Kneipp Kurheim (live-in Spa) on lake Constance in Southern Germany, OMA received her certification training in Reflexology from Hanne Marquardt, a world leader in the professional application of Reflex Zone Therapy.

Based on this training OMA developed her own unique approach. OMA practiced Reflexology professionally, trained other Reflexologists and gave countless lectures describing the OMA method of Reflexology. During the time she operated the Glendale Reflexology Center many articles were written about her unique and comprehensive approach to healing through Foot Reflexology. The success of the OMA Method is documented by the many testimonials of individuals who have experienced the wonders of OMA's approach.

Oma also encountered and worked with many healers. From Reiki to Aroma Therapy, from Acupuncture to faith healers. Her own experience with cancer helped her to see life not only as a healer but also as a patient. She attributed the success of her own healing as well as the healing of her many patients on her faith and trust in God's power and design. This trust was also manifest in Mother Caspari, one of Oma's Mentors.

Having survived the horrors of war, it was a small yellow flower that showed the way as OMA emerged from a bomb shelter after an air raid. It was with one hand in the hand of God that Oma met the challenges that fate offered her. She attributed her success as a healer to her close and personal friendship with her God-Father. In her golden years Oma would often say: "At 80 I have seen it all, I have heard it all, I have done it all, I just can't remember it all." She did however remember countless experiences that solidified her faith in her God and in human beings. It is this light, this love, this contact with her creator and his creation that you can experience in these pages.



Oma's Blessings

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Webmaster's Notice:
Although OMA has left this earth, her legacy lives on. We will try and share as much of her work as we can on these pages. Come back now and again and see the changes. As series of books will also be written over the next couple of years to collect all of Oma's life experiences. Return to this site for progress updates.

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