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Here are some of Oma's favorite Blessings or Decrees.

Know that what we think and say and feel will have an expression in the material world. It will manifest and in this way we create our world, our future and our fate. I often quote the statement: "Be consciously conscious of consciousness" because that is our creative force. By vocally expressing these decrees I bless every creature on the Earth, the trees, the plants, the animals, the humans. And I am aware, that before I can call for peace I have to manifest peace in me and my world. I have to let go of the mortal sins lust, anger, malice, hatred, fear, greed, gluttony, lethargy, laziness, envy, pride and arrogance.

Blessing of Love

"I AM the Light of the Heart, shining in the darkness of being and changing all in the golden treasury of the mind of Christ, I am projecting my Love out into the world to erase all errors and to break down all barriers, I am the power of infinite love, amplifying itself, until all is victorious world without end."


Morning Decree

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, Father of all Life, act on my behalf this day. Fill my form. Release the Light that is necessary for me to go forth to do Thy will, and see that at every hand the decisions I make are according to Thy holy will. See that my energies are used to magnify the Lord in everyone whom I meet. See to it that Thy holy wisdom released to me is used constructively for the expansion of God's kingdom. And above all, beloved Heavenly Father, I commend my spirit unto Thee and ask that as Thy Flame is one with my Flame, the union of these two Flames shall pulsate to effect in my world the continuous alertness and attunement which I need with my Holy Presence, with the Holy Spirit, and with the World Mother."